1 – General Information for MDEP Students

The announcements and news of the Faculty of Medicine are immediately delivered to the student’s inbox. In parallel, information regarding the studies is constantly updated on the website of the Faculty of Medicine. These include:

  • The basic characteristics of the Program, as well as the philosophy it follows with regard to Medical Education.
  • Announcements made by individual laboratories andclinics situated at the Faculty of Medicine, regarding the monitoring and exams of the courses offered in the undergraduate curriculum.
  • The detailed Curriculum, where students can access information regarding all modules (ECTS, lecturers, time schedule and classroom, etc.).
  • Information on the available Postgraduate Programs that are implemented by the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Information regarding Student Counseling, Health Care, accommodation in the Student Residences and catering in the Student Club.
  • Information regarding Student Mobility, available Erasmus bi-lateral agreements and programs, with detailed instructions and links to all necessary documents.
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