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Medical education is a highly respected and rewarding field that requires dedication, passion, and commitment. Before even considering admission and fees, aspiring medical students need to be prepared for the rigorous academic and clinical demands of a medical degree program. Medical education involves extensive coursework, practical training, and clinical rotations to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to become a competent healthcare professional. It also requires a strong aptitude for science, critical thinking, and problem-solving, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Prospective medical students should thoroughly research and understand the requirements and expectations of medical programs, as well as carefully assess their own aptitude, motivation, and readiness to embark on this challenging but fulfilling journey.

Medical Degree English Program

Admission Requirements

The Program is addressed to foreign citizens who have attended the last two years of High School in a foreign country (but not in Greece)

High School Graduation Certificate or International Baccalaureate

Personal statement or results of Cambridge Personal Style Questionnaire (CPSQ) test


Admission Test (a 60 question multiple choice test, taken online, based on High School knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and general knowledge)

Candidates holding a BMAT, a MediTest-EU, or A-Levels with minimum grades AAB at least in Chemistry, Biology and any other course other than English, are
not required to sit the Admission Test

Documents Needed

Ιdentification card (EU countries) or valid passport (all countries)

Graduation title of High School (original document attached to official translation)

Final 2 year' s academic transcript (copy of original document attached to official translation in English)

Proof of English language test results (B2-IELTS no less than band 6 overall or TOEFL with minimum score 79/120

Personal statement OR proof of participation in the Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire (CPSQ) test

Results (if any) of entrance exams at universities in your home country

Curriculum Vitae (in English)

Places Available
There are a limited number of 40 available places for international students, and securing one of these coveted spots can be a life-changing decision that is unlikely to be regretted.
By choosing to enroll in the program, you will have the opportunity to embark on a transformative educational journey that can shape your future in profound and meaningful ways.

Medical Degree English Program​
University of thessaly , School of health science

Medical Degree English Program

Tuition Fees

12,000€ per Academic Year

The payment of tuition fees is typically divided into two instalments, with the first payment due upon acceptance into the program, and the second payment scheduled for January 15th.

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