Rules and Regulations

Student status

Student status is acquired upon completion of the enrollment of a student in the Medical Degree English Program of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Thessaly and ends with the receipt of the degree.
The students are responsible for their study as well as for all their operations and activities in the University of Thessaly.
The administration of the Medical Degree English Program communicates anything that concerns a student about his / her studies, exclusively with him / her and not with his / her relatives.
A faculty member or an instructor or a member of the administration of Medical Degree English Program is not allowed to provide any information about a student to anyone outside the profram except when the student is present and gives his / her consent on the spot.

Enrollment and course registration

The students enroll at the beginning of each semester on dates set and register at the courses they choose to follow. Students submit to the Secretariat of the Medical Degree English Program an electronic statement with the courses of the study program they wish to attend during the specific semester (course registration), at the beginning of each semester and within a set deadline. Students who have not submitted an online course registratio nwill not be admitted to the exams.

Duration of Study

The duration of the Medical Degree English Program is twelve (12) semesters divided into six (6) academic years.

The status of student is acquired with the initial registration in the Medical Degree English Program, is maintained with the registration of courses in each semester and is removed by announcing and receiving the degree, or by issuing a graduation.

Organization of the Medical Degree English Program

a. The academic year begins on the 1st of September of each calendar year and ends on the 31st of August of the following year. Each academic year includes two semesters of study, the winter and the spring. The winter semester begins in the second half of September and the spring semester ends in the first half of June. The exact dates are determined by the administration.
b. Each semester includes a teaching period of 14 weeks and a continuous examination period of 4 weeks. Each course lasts at least one semester. The courses of the Medical Degree English Program are divided into 12 independent semesters of study, which constitute the minimum number of semesters that is necessary for obtaining a degree in Medicine. This minimum number of semesters corresponds to normal, uninterrupted and successful study conditions.
c. The Faculty participating in the Medical Degree English Program prepare a syllabus that includes the courses taught in each semester as well as a detailed syllabus with a brief description of the purpose, content, method of examination and the names of the instructors.
d. The courses are taught with lectures, tutorials, laboratory and clinical training. The combinations of the different forms of teaching are mentioned, in detail for each course, in the curriculum. The distribution of the teaching of each course in lectures, tutorials, laboratory and clinical training is done by a decision of the respective Department after a proposal of the person in charge of the course.
e. Each teacher must, during the first week of the course, distribute to the students who have enrolled in the course a detailed study diagram, which includes the structure of the course material, the relevant bibliography and any other information he deems necessary. Also, the responsible teacher of each course maintains and updates, under his responsibility, the course website (e-class) systematically with the course lectures (slides), posts announcements related to the course and in general any information related to the course (bibliography, relevant websites etc.).
f. Tutoring, Laboratory and Clinical Training can be separate entities or be an integral part of a course that includes lectures or some other form of teaching. Laboratory and Clinical Training include the observation of specific material, the conduct of experiments, the solution of applied problems, the clinical practice or any appropriate combination of the above.
g. Attendance of Tutoring, Laboratory and Clinical Training is mandatory and requires the active participation of students. The maximum tolerated absence from tuition, laboratory and clinical training is one (1) hour of tutoring or laboratory practice per fourteen (14) hours of tutoring / laboratory exercises or one (1) day every four (4) weeks of clinical training, or as defined in the course outline. These absences are considered as a loss of particularly important educational time and for this reason the concepts of justified and unjustified absence do not make sense and such a thing is not taken into account. Especially for specific clinical courses, the replacement of the days of absence in the second year may be required, otherwise the clinical training will be considered incomplete and there will be no right to participate in the examinations of these courses. Any such obligation will be described in the Outline of each course. Students who are absent from a Tutoring, Laboratory or Clinical Training beyond the maximum tolerated limit can attend the relevant course examinations only after attending the tutoring, laboratory or clinical training again in the next semester in which the relevant course is taught..
h. A course taught for 13 weeks is considered to have been taught sufficiently to cover the minimum number of credits. A course that was taught less is considered as not taught and its examination is not allowed.
i. The teaching of the courses is done according to the Schedule that is prepared by the Secretariat of the Medical Degree English Program in consultation with the responsible teachers. It includes the lessons, the classrooms and coincidences of teaching hours for the compulsory courses of the same semester are excluded.
j. In case of obstruction of a course, its replacement is provided. The date and time of replacement are posted on the website of the Medical Degree English Program or in the e-class, under the responsibility of the teacher.

Examinations in the Medical Degree English Program

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