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The University of Thessaly (www.uth.gr) was founded in 1984 and accepted its first students in the academic year 1988-89. With administrative headquarters in the city of Volos, it has been developed throughout the Region of Thessaly and in Central Greece in Volos, Larissa, Lamia, Karditsa and Trikala.
The University of Thessaly is a dynamically developing higher education institution and is organized in 8 Schools, 35 graduate programs and many more postgraduate programs.

The School of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine belongs to the School of Health Sciences of the University of Thessaly. The School of Health Sciences consists of the following Faculties or Departments: Faculty of Medicine (Larissa), Department of Veterinary Medicine (Karditsa), Department of Nursing (Larissa), Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Larissa), Department of Physiotherapy (Lamia) and Department of Public and One Health (Karditsa).



Volos - Greece

Uth was founded in 1984 and accepted its first students in the academic year 1988-89.

The Faculty of Medicine: Establishment & Facilities

The Faculty of Medicine (www.med.uth.gr/en) started operating in the academic year 1990-91 with the admission of its first 30 students. The first 4 graduates of the Department were sworn in in June 1996, while the award of the first Doctoral Degree took place in December 1999. In February 2008 a significant part of the Department was transferred to its newly built facilities on the Campus, in Biopolis.

The Faculty of Medicine develops its activity in its main building, at a distance of five kilometers south of the Larissa city center, in the Biopolis area, as well as in the privately owned building of the former "Katsigra" Clinic, in the city center. The main building of the Faculty of Medicine was established in Biopolis in March 2008 and is next to the University Hospital of Larissa and the Department of Biochemistry-Biotechnology. The total area that has been granted for the Faculty of Medicine is 90 acres. The Laboratories of the Faculty take a total area of 16,000 m2. These facilities include 6,500 m2 of laboratory space, 4,500 m2 of teaching space (amphitheater of 250 seats, two small amphitheaters of 100 seats and four classrooms of 60 seats), auxiliary spaces, etc. The space includes University Library (Larissa Branch), the Medical Informatics Laboratory and one of the two IT nodes of the students.

Along with the development of the Faculty, the construction and operation of the University Hospital of Larissa (UHL) proceeded to a neighboring plot of 100,000 m2 which started operations in September 1999. The close proximity between the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital of Larissa facilitates the clinical teaching work of the Faculty Members (clinical practice of medical students) of both clinical and preclinical specialties. The mission of UHL is to provide high quality medical services to the population of Thessaly and the neighboring regions of Western Macedonia and Central Greece.

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Contact information

President of the Faculty of Medicine
Tel : +30 2410-685711 - 685712
Fax : +30 2410-685553
e mail: proedros-med@uth.gr

Postal address
Faculty of Medicine - School of Health Sciences
University of Thessaly, Viopolis
Panepistimiou 3 - 41500 - Larissa, Greece

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