Frequently Asked Questions

The announcements and news of the Faculty of Medicine are immediately delivered to the student’s inbox. In parallel, information regarding the studies is constantly updated on the website of the Faculty of Medicine. These include:

  • The basic characteristics of the Program, as well as the philosophy it follows with regard to Medical Education.
  • Announcements made by individual laboratories andclinics situated at the Faculty of Medicine, regarding the monitoring and exams of the courses offered in the undergraduate curriculum.
  • The detailed Curriculum, where students can access information regarding all modules (ECTS, lecturers, time schedule and classroom, etc.).
  • Information on the available Postgraduate Programs that are implemented by the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Information regarding Student Counseling, Health Care, accommodation in the Student Residences and catering in the Student Club.
  • Information regarding Student Mobility, available Erasmus bi-lateral agreements and programs, with detailed instructions and links to all necessary documents.

No scholarships are available at the moment.

B2 for IELTS (no less than band 6 overall) or TOEFL (minimum score 79/120)

No. You will be taught the Greek language during your studies.

Your chances are relatively high, but they depend on you. Although our program is very competitive, we offer at least 40 positions for new students each academic year.

No. All respective tests can be taken online. If you did not take these tests, you can still take online test exams


The registration of freshmen is performed electronically and completed by the MDEP Secretariat. Following the announcement of successful candidates, a short time period (usually 3 weeks) is available for the completion of the registration process. Detailed instructions are provided to all successful candidates regarding the registration procedure and are posted on the news and announcements website of the Faculty's Student Affairs Office. A reception and information day will be organized by the Faculty of Medicine to meet and greet all successful candidates.

MDEP students have the ability to monitor the progress of their studies from registration to graduation electronically, through the student record system. The system is used for the registration of modules and the submission of teaching assignments, communicating with the faculty, updating course material, submitting grades, issuing certificates and transcripts regarding the studies and finally, for issuing the medical degrees.

Faculty, including course instructors, professors and students have access to the system. When the initial student registration is completed, students receive access codes and through subsystem connections they have the opportunity to register to modules, receive update on their grades and request certificates. Course Instructors also have a virtual access to their classes and the registered students, so they can then submit their grades.

Applications have already begun, and slots are still available (early, late, and very entries) for the academic year 2024-2025. There are 40 slots in total, and you must hurry if you want to secure a place.

The deadline for the next round of applications is June 21 (and August 31, respectively if late entry slots are available).

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